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Boxee Launcher Contacts: drwhyford at gmail dot com michaelk at gmail dot com What's new in this version Fixed issues with OnStop being called on exit from Settings Stopped crashing "cause it only crashes when you close the program". Slight performance increase. Added option for media source. Added option for what to do when you quit (Dismiss, Hide, Stabilize, etc) Added option for Media Source. Windows Media Player will no longer need to be installed. It works! Boxee Launcher now auto-exists in 7MC (and VMC) when you launch Boxee. If you don't have Boxee installed, the app will auto-install. Added option for auto-installation. Changed default behavior for settings. Added option to close Boxee when you quit. Removed option for Boxee to auto-install. Changelog 2.0.0 (December 1st, 2011) What's new in this version Added in MTP client and played back from a file path or URL. Added in clock. Added in option to launch boxee if no Boxee is running. Added in settings. Added in option to add to favorites or to the extras library. Added in a Help menu for troubleshooting. Changed the behavior for the MTP client. It was annoying to have it seek to the beginning of a file, so it has been changed to seek to the end. Added in a settings dialog for the MTP client. What's new in this version mislav Bump 2.0.0 (January 10th, 2011) What's new in this version mislav Support for boxee on mac and Linux 2.0.0 (November 29th, 2010) What's new in this version mislav Allow any windows to be the launcher, instead of only Windows Media Center. (This can be turned off in the Settings.) Allow any windows to be the windows for Boxee. (This can be turned off in the Settings.) Added in settings, so you can set the order of the windows that BoxeeLauncher launches. mislav a5204a7ec7

Installation: Unzip to %LOCALAPPDATA%\BoxeeLauncher. Launch BoxeeLauncher_x64.exe. Click Next. Accept the EULA, and Next. Select "Add to Windows Media Center". Click Next. Accept the EULA, and click Next. Select "Enable WMC Auto-Launch". Select "Auto start Boxee". Select "Enable WMC Auto-Close". Select "Start with WMC". Click Finish. Double-click on BoxeeLauncher icon to launch Boxee. User Notes: BoxeeLauncher is a simple, but, workable, Media Center add-in that provides the user with the ability to launch Boxee from Media Center and to close Boxee when Media Center becomes the active window. Download BoxeeLauncher Download file ( BoxeeLauncher 1.2.0 ( Most of the credit for the BoxeeLauncher, should go to Robert Pauli. Please feel free to have a look at Robert's code. I would be eternally grateful if anyone would like to add a nicer skin to it. Thanks goes to Henrik and Rod for contributing to BoxeeLauncher. Technical Notes: Note: BoxeeLauncher runs with limited privileges. It will not affect the installation of the Boxee DVR/remotes. However, BoxeeLauncher will not receive notifications from the RC4 remote. Thanks! Mohd Mohd Hamizad *** Support the dev's of BoxeeLauncher. Please visit the BoxeeLauncher website! Inbox me for suggestions! (mohammad [at] boxee [dot] com) . A: Here is the answer Use BoxeeLauncher with no UAC BoxeeLauncher 1.2.0 ( From here

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